Yandex Pushes Bing Off the Podium

Bing has dropped to become the 4th biggest search engine following a growth in the use of Russian based web search service Yandex. New figures released by internet analysis firm, comScore, show the extent that the relatively new search engine has attracted users and racked up queries to push it above Microsoft’s search service, Bing.

The comScore figures reveal that during both November and December, the Moscow-based site attracted as much as 9.46 billion search queries, establishing a significantly comfortable lead over competitors, Bing who clocked in at approximately 8.24 billion search queries, 1.22 billion behind Yandex. To put these numbers in perspective, the search engine goliath that is Google handled 228.9 billion search queries over the same time span. Bing and other Microsoft owned sites have been experiencing a slow but steady decline in use since the second half of 2012. Contrastingly, between July and December Yandex was able to maintain a steady growth in the amount of search queries handled.

Yandex is aimed at internet users from Russia and Russian speakers in other countries. The search engine prides itself at being the best at indexing pages that are written with Russian-language inflection and using the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Within Russia, Yandex is by far the most popular search engine boasting an internal market share of over 3 times Google’s. Yandex is a publically traded company and experienced a successful initial public offering back in 2011 when it surpassed expectations and valuations to raise $1.3 billion.

Despite comScore’s stats clearly showing the changing trends and relative use of search engines, there are a few aspects of their presentation that can be slightly misleading. For example, Microsoft’s search data is listed under several categories. Bing makes up 92% of Microsoft’s search queries but there is also use generated from its other sites including the search services offered through platforms such as MSN and Windows Live. Yahoo! is also shown to have handled more search queries than Bing which could be seen as slightly misleading as all Yahoo! searches are actually powered by Microsoft’s Bing technology.

Despite Yandex soaring above Bing in terms of search queries, Bing actually came out on top in the amount of unique monthly searches. Throughout November and December, Yandex has only 147 million unique searches in comparison to Bing’s 554 million.

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