LinkedIn Debuts Personalised Metrics to Help Users Score Dream Jobs

In a move that’s dragged up its share value by almost 2%, LinkedIn has introduced a handful of personalised metrics to its “Job Seeker” service. Designed to help match candidates with their dream roles, the new features allow LinkedIn users to view job openings where they dominate as a top applicant.

So how are ‘top applicants’ determined? Drawing on user ID data and job selection criteria, LinkedIn analyses skills and experience to find members the perfect match. The more overlaps, the higher the chance at being identified as a top applicant.

“In today’s world of ubiquitous online job postings, it’s no longer about finding jobs, but finding the right job and leveraging your competitive edge to land it, once you do,” comments LinkedIn product manager, Thogori Karago.

Beefing up its paid service

The new feature is available exclusively to users with “Job Seeker” subscriptions, which brings added appeal to the paid premium service. As well as recommending suitable openings, users will also be able to view the fastest growing companies within their profession. This opens up opportunities to target booming companies, and snap up roles before they’re publically advertised.

“Knowledge is power, and so is your network”

While Job Seeker subscribers receive the majority of the new benefits, free members haven’t been entirely overlooked. LinkedIn has also launched a feature that allows users to view both academic and corporate alumni within a firm. With a recent in-house study showing that 40% of successful applicants were hired at a company where they had at least one LinkedIn connection, this data could bring serious edge to the job hunt process.

“This is the type of insider intel that can make all the difference as you’re navigating your job search. With that in mind, we are saying goodbye to the static, one-dimensional jobs boards for good and continuing to build our new job seeking experience, which surfaces network-driven data to help you search and apply smarter.”

Meeting the needs of modern job seekers

As other companies like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat fight it out on the social media stage, LinkedIn remains the world’s favourite corporate networking platform. The California based company is continually adapting to the needs of modern professionals, and the introduction of the new personalised metrics feature reflects commitment to the cause.

“We strive to serve as your personal job seeking concierge – surfacing and organizing the jobs, companies and other relevant information you need in order to find and land the job of your dreams,” said Karago.


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