Google Launches ‘Test My Site’ Website Testing Tool, Easier Simpler Experience For Small Businesses

Google’s marketing insights team ‘Think With Google‘ have today launched a new tool, aimed predominantly at small businesses.

Google’s latest tool, Test My Site, helps businesses discover how mobile friendly their website is, on both smartphones and tablets.

‘Test My Site’ features a very user-friendly interface, suitable for techies and non-tech folks alike. Simple enter in your domain name and click the button. The tool analyses your website and produces basic metrics that cover:

  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Mobile Speed
  • Desktop Speed

Email Report From Google


In addition, if you submit your email address, Google will send you a more detailed report, with suggestions on fixes for issues. Google also offers to send you occasional emails with tips & advice on improving your web presence.

Latest in Google’s Tools For Webmasters

This tools is just the latest in Google’s tool releases. A few month’s ago, they released Resizer, a web design tools to help web designers preview their website on laptop, tablet and mobile displays.

As well as selecting either laptop, tablet, or mobile views, users of Resizer can also click on several pixel width’s to preview their site.

Growth of Responsive Web

Google frequently advises webmasters to ensure their sites are designed for the responsive web, as well as encouraging devs to ensure their sites load fast. It’s nice to see the company supporting this advice with tools to help achieve these recommendations easier.

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