Dropbox Boosts Functionality with New Admin Controls

Dropbox has become even more useful for managing files across multiple people in a work environment with an update that has completely redesigned the admin control panel for ‘Dropbox for Teams’ administrators. This makes the cloud based file sharing service even more viable for use by businesses and collaborations that benefit from multiple access to files stored in a central, secure location. The new control panel for administrators improves on several aspects of security and usability that may have discouraged some from adopting the system into their business.

The Dropbox team announced the improvements via the official ‘Dropbox at Work’ blog which also contained statistics on just how widespread Dropbox’s business user base already is:

“We hear stories every day about how many people love using Dropbox at work to collaborate and share effortlessly with their colleagues. People at over two million business and 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using Dropbox – from law firms working with their clients to international businesses staying in sync across the world.”

“Today, we’re launching a completely redesigned admin console and new sharing controls to help Dropbox for Teams admins manage their group.”

The blog also went on highlight some of the key changes to the service. Dropbox divided the changes to come under two categories; increased visibility and better control. The increased visibility changes include the new ability to actively monitor the web sessions of logged in team members, including from smart devices such as tablets or smartphones. The functionality goes even deeper with the ability to download a full report on an individual’s activity over a period of time. These features could be ideal if investigating a hacked account or simply trying to recover a file that has gone astray.

Under ‘better control’ there have been several additions that improve the ability to customise security and sharing options of uploaded files. These include controls that can allocate access to files and folders on a case-by-case basis. Admins can also enforce two-step verification and even disconnect and unlink team member’s sessions from all devices and third party apps. This feature could be especially attractive to those dealing with highly sensitive data that could be compromising if an employee’s device fell into the wrong hands.

The changes have been welcomed by the travel booking site, Kayak, whose chief architect, Bill O’Donnell released this statement:

“The new redesigned admin console will make management a lot easier now from the admin’s perspective. That’s a big help, as we continue to grow and expand the use of Dropbox at Kayak.”

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