Blekko releases new SEO tools for webmasters

On Thursday 18th October 2012, Blekko, the user-curated search engine, released its latest tool for webmasters. The SEO Tool which give webmasters unprecedented access to data, which can enable them to improve website performance through optimisation in searches to drive traffic.

The news was released on the Blekko blog with the title ‘SEO Tools get unparalleled Data to Help Drive Traffic’. It is a subscription based service, which will give webmasters a SEO score card of categorised data enabling access to a range of data in regards to website performance.

Subscribers to the service will have access to tools such as SEO score card, page analysis, link analysis, domain analysis and website traffic data. There is a facility for users to categorise their inbound links, the slash tag feature will allow website links to be organised by quality and topics, allowing for webmasters to view which links bring in the most traffic.

The SEO score card tool will break down data about the websites performance into 45 categories such as content, performance, Anchors, URL and links. This will give webmasters comprehensive access to information about how well the site performs on search engines such as Blekko and will identify areas that need more work.

“The mission behind Blekko has always been to offer full transparency on the web,” said Rich Skrenta, CEO of Blekko, “Blekko’s premium SEO tools give developers unique and often privately kept data about web domain content. Unlike other search engine analytic tools which only show general data on inbound links, our premium SEO tools provide full data reports that can be used to compare SEO stats between sites and direct SEO access from Blekko search result pages.”

Blekko’s search engine uses human curation to eliminate spam from search results, set up in 2012 it is one of only four search engines which can index the entire web. Currently Blekko performs 120 million searches of the 100 billion websites that it has indexed every month, of these websites 100 million are updated daily.

Blekko offers high-quality, relevant, spam free search results of the internet, giving webmasters the unique perspective of how a search engine indexes the web. It has a commitment to enabling transparent and collaborative searches of the web, with a user-curated search experience.

The new set of SEO Tool will be welcomed by many webmasters, who would like information made clearer to them about how their websites are indexed and how to improve performance though SEO.

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