Bing Introduces Site Move update to its Webmaster Tools

Search engine Bing has added a new update to its webmaster tools, making it easier to complete site moves.

The purpose of the site move tool is to inform Bing that you have changed URLs to a new location.

The tool can be accessed through the Diagnostic and Tools area of Bing Webmaster Tools. You will then have to determine whether you plan to change your entire site address or changing your site layout via moving URLs from a folder or file name within the site. If your preference is to change the entire site, it will be important to set everything up as a new site in webmaster tools. This will allow you to change between your verified site and another with ease.


Just because you have changed your site address, you will still have to provide users with 301 redirects. Users accessing your old URLs will only be directed to your new URL from these redirects.

Bing’s new tool maintains the URL of your new website in accordance to your previous site by redirecting BingBot. The search engine will then locate the new URL of your website and direct users to your new site.

Bing’s updated tool is purely designed to keep your URLs in order to locate them and put them into their search results. After setting up proper redirects to your URLs, Bing will check the authenticity of them to ensure that the new locations can be reached.

Another important aspect to remember is once you have moved a site, you will not be able to change to any new URL locations for six months.

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